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Not Enough Is there anyone else out there who feels as if you are never enough?  Not pretty enough.  Not athletic enough.  Not thin enough.  Not smart enough.  Not old enough.  Not young enough.  Not funny enough.  Not outgoing enough… You get the picture. I have spent a[…]

{my name is missy, and i’m a sugar addict} Sugar. It is quite possible that sugar is the single most addictive substance on planet Earth. It is certainly my drug of choice. Sugar is a socially acceptable drug. It is a welcome and expected guest at all birthday parties,[…]

{the big 5-oh} Well, this just happened… FIFTY! They say “it’s the new 30.”  Is it?  I think not.  Fifty is the new FABULOUS!  Fifty is its own brand of wonderful, and I am thrilled to begin this adventure! {fabulous fifty} What is so fabulous about fifty, anyway?  I[…]


{who is that fat girl?} Would someone please shut that fat girl up?!?  She has been harassing me since I was in the seventh grade, and I’m freaking sick of it!  I NEVER hear anything positive come out of her mouth!  The only thing she’s good at is making[…]

circa 1984

{in the beginning} Believe it or not, I was not born a Rainbow Unicorn.  I was a very ummmm…unique child, one might say. According to my family, I was a pretty dang smart little girl, although a little weird when it came to naming the adults in my life.[…]

I’m Starting a Blog Hey!  I’m starting a blog! A couple of weeks ago, I proudly announced to my techno-genius son, Eric, that I had taken the plunge and purchased a domain to launch my very own website. (I have no idea if that is the correct terminology,[…]

It thrills me to present to you, BOTH of my loyal blog followers, the Missylaneous Me website!  Although I have been sporadically blogging for a few years now, I recently decided to take the plunge and purchase a domain, my own little piece of the interweb!  You might[…]