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Trust in the Process while Chasing after God – The Faith of an Okra Seed

Okra Seeds

Trust Issues I guess I have some trust issues. This became evident last Sunday in the simple planting of our vegetable garden. There are only a few veggies that we plant because we (I) either don’t like the others or have failed miserably at growing them in the past.  Okra is one we always plant!…

Lost and Found – The Tale of an Old Red Sweater and a Wandering Sheep

Have you ever lost something so dear to you it could never be replaced? A red sweater that belonged to my grandma was lost years ago, and I have not given up looking for it, even after all that time. Beloved, that’s exactly how Jesus is in his relentless pursuit of you!

He’s Not Here – Rejoicing Even in our Grief

Is it possible to find any reason to rejoice even in our grief? When Jesus was crucified and laid in that borrowed tomb, the disciples certainly didn’t think so. But three days later, there was certainly rejoicing! Learn to lean into the arms of Love in your grief.

You GROW, Girl! Jumping for Joy and Growing in Faith

Watching littles grow into the people they were designed to be is so much fun! We are a lot like a child when we first accept Christ but, just like those little children, we are supposed to grow spiritually and emotionally! Don’t get stuck in a rut! You GROW, girl!

Running into the Arms of Love

God has wooed me and woos every one of us, but will not force himself upon us. God is a good, good Father!  It is often difficult for us to understand what that looks like based upon our experiences with earthly fathers.  If you have been hurt, abandoned, neglected, abused by a father figure in your life, you may not feel you can trust God with your heart. I’m here to tell you, beloved, how you can trust him.

Chase the Cloud!

“And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night.” (Exodus 13:21)
God may not be presenting himself as a pillar of cloud in your life, but rest assured, he desires that you should follow him! Let’s chase recklessly after him, beloved!

THE Missy Lewis

As the often quoted line from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Basically what the heroin was trying to say is that our names don’t really make us who we are. But don’t they?
We are identified by our names, but the only name that really matters is the one we are given by our Father. Read about the journey from “Missylaneous Me” to “THE Missy Lewis.”

Following the Write Path

“Redirecting.” How often have you heard that from your navigation app if you make a wrong turn or miss an exit? Don’t you sometimes wish Holy Spirit would just say that loudly when we take a path that was not intended for us to follow? This happened recently to me as I made a spontaneous decision to take a detour off the path God had set me on. Find out how Holy Spirit redirected my steps!

Enough Already! Journey Toward the Heart of God

Time to say “Enough Already!” Through Christ, you are enough, sister! This archived post was my final post on Missylaneous Me and shares a little about my journey to enough-ness. I pray you will believe you are enough already!

Deal of a Lifetime: The Rug and the Rugged Cross

What do a clearance-priced area rug and the old rugged cross have in common? Really nothing at all, but how they contrast is another story. Learn how the purchase of that rug reminded me of the ultimate price paid for my sins…and yours!